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Why Might I Need to Acquire a License from Shannon Wallace, LLC?

When you want to use anything owned by Shannon Wallace, LLC and the Musical Memory Care™ brand (this includes logos, any promotional materials, Shannon's image, techniques, methodologies, collateral material, manuals, other products or the program name, you must acquire a licensing agreement.


Please note:


  • When purchases something from Shannon Wallace, LLC, it must be for personal use, unless otherwise indicated or designated.

  • Shannon Wallace, LLC retains ownership of all materials. The right to use any and all content generated by Shannon Wallace, LLC is what is granted with a License to Use or a Permission to Use.

  • Shannon Wallace, LLC content, techniques, methodologies and materials are copyrighted and require a License to Use or a Permission to Use when implementing and/or sharing in a training or consulting capacity.

What is the Difference Between a License to Use and a Permission to Use?


A License to Use is granted to agencies or individuals when they want to use Shannon Wallace, LLC techniques, methodologies, materials, products and/or resources within their company or organization, or are including them in the content they are using in a professional or public manner. Once all guidelines are met, as determined by the licensing team, and payment has been received, a license may be granted and a signed document would be issued with all the pertinent data and time constraints.


Fees are determined based upon number of users for the requested content and purpose for use. A fee schedule may be available for review.


A Permission to Use may be granted to educational institutions, select individuals, or in specific situations. A Permission to Use does not require the payment of a fee, although there are requirements for appropriate citations.

Whether your Use qualifies under a License to Use or a Permission to Use will be determined by the specifics of the inquiry and in consultation with the Shannon Wallace, LLC team.


Over time, there will be a number of public domain items and resources that can be used free-of-charge with a simple acknowledgement statement posted on part of the user.

Please direct all Licensing inquiries to

We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 48 hours.

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